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Rebecca Bice
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Rebecca Bice

Walden and Kirkland, Inc., Realtors

Rebecca Bice is a trusted realtor with the knowledge, expertise, and commitment to excellence that you need. Growing up in a small town and making a home in different places, Rebecca has always cherished the idea of home and the significance of creating memories there with loved ones. Moving her real estate career to Albany, GA, she is thrilled to serve the greater Albany community by helping them find a special place to create their own home.

Rebecca excels at building relationships with people, welcoming them in, and making them feel at home. As an agent, her hope is to use both her expertise and desire for excellence to guide clients through the home-buying and selling processes in a stress-free way. Her main goal is to facilitate a trusting relationship with clients and all other parties involved in the process in order to form lasting friendships and find the perfect home.

Since graduating from the University of Georgia, Rebecca has worked in marketing, small business development, donor relations, fundraising, and the non-profit sector– including running her own business. These experiences have given Rebecca the opportunity to work with a wide variety of clients & coworkers, which has helped her grow in her ability to connect on a deeper level with anyone, anywhere. She is highly relational, dependable, and successful, always willing to go the extra mile for a job well-done.

In her free time, Rebecca enjoys any time she gets to spend with both her husband Will and her large extended family. She has a deep love for traveling, investing in her local church, cooking, singing & playing music, working out, and going on long walks with friends.


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